Subject: Physical Education

Physical Education develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing confidence in a range of physical activities. All pupils do PE each week, in addition to sports and exercise activities at playtimes, lunchtime and at after-school clubs. These include gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics and invasion games. PE helps children understand how their bodies can move in a competitive environment. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills, and also promotes a positive attitude towards having a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Orchard Head we use a variety of different learning styles in PE. Our main aim is to develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding. We do this through both individual and group activities. Teachers praise good individual performances and use them as models for all children, as well as encouraging those who find physical activities less appealing. We promote sportsmanship, and teach the children to evaluate not only their own performance but also that of their peers. Our PE leader works in partnership with all staff, always putting the children’s health and well-being first.